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Exploring Greenlanders Park - A Nature-Lovers Paradise in Burlington, NJ

Nestled in Burlington, NJ, lies a nature-lover’s paradise - Greenlanders Park. This sprawling 200-acre park provides visitors with tranquil trails and scenic views, highlighting its diverse terrain and foliage. From rugged terrain to open meadows and wetlands, Greenlanders Park offers a peaceful atmosphere that encourages exploration into its unspoiled nature. Greenlanders Park features a variety of landscapes and natural features for everyone to enjoy. Primarily made up of hardwood forests, the park has two major ecosystems - the red maple-dominated pond and the dry oak-hickory woodlands. The diversity of flora and fauna available can be seen in the numerous forms of wildlife that call the park home, including deer, turtles, rabbits, and many types of birds. Within the park are two established trails developed through an agreement with the City of Burlington. There is a mile-long looping wooded pathway and a two-mile section around the park. Learn more here.

Both courses provide easy access to the natural areas, allowing anyone, regardless of ability or experience, to explore the park. The trails are well-kept, providing a comfortable and safe experience for those hiking them. Plus, the tracks are kept litter-free so that visitors can enjoy the experience without unnecessary distractions. In addition to the trails, there are numerous sites to explore, including boulder fields and rivers. The stream and boulder fields of Greenlanders Park add a unique element to the atmosphere and provide nature-loving visitors with much to enjoy. There is also a variety of plant life and wildlife in the area, making it an ideal place for birdwatching, fishing, and camping. The park is also home to various outdoor activities, including the popular Smithville Deck option. Build in the park's old walking bridge is a multi-tiered structure that visitors can use to relax and take in the peaceful sights and sounds of Greenlanders Park. Whether looking for a soft spot for reflection or a fun, social area for friends and family, the Deck is the perfect place. Learn more about Exploring Greenlanders Park - A Nature-Lovers Paradise in Burlington, NJ.

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