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We take the stress out of maintaining your beautiful outdoor spaces.

Say Hello to Your Dream Landscape

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn and landscape, but there’s so much time and energy that goes into it—time and energy that you could use for the things that matter to you. That’s why Natural Oasis Landscaping LLC is here to provide you with comprehensive landscaping services that will turn your outdoor spaces into something straight out of a magazine.

 We offer various lawn and Landscape services listed below,


Why Choose Us

Our team of detail- and client-oriented experts uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all they do. They will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Ready to achieve your dream Landscape or lawn? Get in touch with us, to discuss your needs and request a free quote or estimate. We have a full process set in place that focuses on communication and the client. 

Services Offered

  • Landscape Design
  • Plant Installation
  • Detail Pruning
  • Shrub/Hedge Trimming
  • Mulch Installation
  • Decorative Stone Installation
  • Spring/Fall Cleanups
  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance
  • Patio/Walkway Construction
  • Leaf Removal
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Lawn Dethatching
  • Season Color Displays
  • Weeding

Landscape Design 

Our Staff is extremely experience generating lush and beautiful plantings and patios for our customers. Our process is very hands on and we will work with you each step of the way for vision to come to life.  

Plant Installation

 Plants bring Many benefits to a home or commercial setting, both inside and out. With all the brick and mortor these days it really softens the look and brings warmth to an area. The many different colors and textures are sure to draw the eye and give anyone a sense of relaxation and invitation when arriving to your home or office.

Pruning / Hedge Shearing 

Whether basic shrubs or detailed ornamental trees our staff is highly trained at pruning and shaping of all types of species with proper technique to promote growth and the health of the plants.

Mulch Installation 

The installation of a fresh coat of mulch may be one of the most noticeable changes on a landscape each spring. With crisp bed lines, weed free planting beds and a fresh layer of much it will make any home and plant area stand out. Much really enhances the look of the overall landscape with is drastic contrast from the house and turf color.  

Decorative Stone Installation 

The great alternative to mulch. Decorative stone installation. Stone such as river rock or multi color stone are a staple in the landscape industry for those who want lasting color with ease of care. Stone installation provides a lasting ground cover with easy care free maintanence from season to season. 

Spring cleanup / Fall Cleanups. 

Spring And fall cleanups are a very general cleanup of the property typically during the early spring months or later fall months. During these cleanups one can expect us to pick up the sticks, remove any existing leaves, cut back any ornamental grasses or perennials, detail prune any long stalks on shrubs, remove any dead plants or small trees,  and even mow the property depending on time of season and grass length

Weekly Lawn Maintanence

Weekly lawn Maintenance is the weekly mowing and weeding of a property.  In the north east with the cooler temperatures its typical to mow weekly from April though November on a typical year. This may vary depending on mouther nature. Our weekly services will cover mowing of the turf at a height that is healthy for your lawn to thrive, string trimming all areas not accessible by a mower, the edging of all walk and driveways bordered by concrete, Weeding of all plant beds as needed and the blowing off of all hard surfaces. 

Patio & walkway Construction 

We offer full patio and walkway construction from design, excavation to the final touches of installation. We have a fully certified team to construct your dream walkway or outdoor living area.  This will certainly increase your living and entertaining space.  We offer pavers, flagstone and even travertine to bring your outdoor living alive. 

Leaf Removal 

The Removal of leaves from your property. We will removal the leaves to the curb or hauled away. In times where we can go to the curb we will, and this will save you  on haul and dump fees. We do our research and try and coordinate with you local leaf collection routes to ensure we are getting them out to the curb in time for pickup. 

Lawn Aeration /  de-thatching  / Seeding 

Lawn Aeration is the removal of little 2" plugs of soil from the turf/ground. This allows oxygen, water and nutrients to get down to the root system and will help thicken and strengthen the lawn in the coming spring. 

Lawn dethatching is the removal of thatch that lays just above the soil and creates a barrier that prevents fertilizer and nutrients from penetrating the soil properly. The removal of this will also help thicken the lawn up in coming spring season.

These services are typically performed during the fall growing season between late August -Mid October. Typically at this time a seeding will take place as well to further enhance your lawns over all health and look come the spring season.

Sod Installation 

The fastest way to a lush new lawn is the installation of sod. We will use a sod cutter and remove your existing thin lawn or dirt area you would like replaced. We will then level and grade the area properly and install sod. 

French Drain Installation 

With so many developments and buildings being developed in the area. storm water management is becoming an increasing necessity in many neighborhoods. When you have a water issue we have comprehensive solutions to help, weather its the grading of soil or adding in a drainage system we are here to help. Each case if unique and we treat them that way. We will come out and evaluate post storm to get eyes on the actual issues and work on elevation as needed. 

Snow & Ice Management 

The staff at Natural Oasis is fully trained to handle the worst of winter conditions. We train each year to provide the best quality snow services when you need a company to handle your snow and ice. We use all the latest weather prediction and measuring tools to accurately plan and execute when bad weather hits. 

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